Tupac Shakur's rap group "The Outlawz" are claiming they smoked the rappers ashes after his death. It was first reported by Vlad TV that the group had a memorial beach party after the hip hop legends death and The Outlawz Noble confirmed:

"Yes, it's definitely true. Had a little memorial for him with his mom and his family. We had hit the beach, threw in a lot of s**t he liked at the beach. Some weed, some chicken wings, he loved orange soda. Pac loved that kind of s**t, so we were giving him our own farewell."

See what else The Outlawz had to say below and listen to the track "Black Jesuz" where 2 Pac raps around the 2:08 mark about when he passes he wants them to smoke his ashes.

EDI Mean explained that the decision to smoke Shakur's ashes was what Pac would have wanted.

He said:

"I came up with that s**t. If you listen to 'Black Jesus', Pac said, 'Last wishes, n**gas smoke my ashes'. That was a request that he had. Now, how serious he was about it? We took it serious."


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