It looks like Shane Black is in the business of one-upping himself with the cast of The Predator — following yesterday’s report on the casting of Moonlight star Trevante Rhodes, today brings word of yet another exciting addition to the growing ensemble: Keegan-Michael Key. It’s a big week for the actor, who also just reprised his Key & Peele character Luther, the angry Obama translator, for an episode of The Daily Show.

THR reveals that Key is the latest actor to sign on for Shane Black’s upcoming Predator sequel, simply titled The Predator. The actor and co-creator of Key & Peele joins a cast that includes Narcos star Boyd Holbrook, Trevante Rhodes and Olivia Munn. Holbrook and Rhodes are said to be playing ex-Marines who go toe-to-toe with the iconic alien hunter, while Key’s character is vaguely described as “a man who teams up with Holbrook and Rhodes to fight the creatures.” Munn is said to be playing a scientist.

Little is known about the sequel, which Black will direct from a screenplay he co-wrote with Fred Dekker (The Monster Squad). THR continues to insist that The Predator takes place in the suburbs, despite Black’s official denial of that setting in a statement released last fall.

Key most recently appeared in the James Franco-Bryan Cranston comedy Why Him? and co-starred in Mike Birbiglia’s excellent ensemble indie dramedy Don’t Think Twice. He’s also lending his voice to an upcoming hour-long episode of The Simpsons, a hip-hop-style riff on The Great Gatsby titled “The Great Phatsby.”

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