David Beckham tops the list of athletes that women most want to get with, but the number two answer is the one that comes as the biggest surprise.

According to Ashley Madison.com Tim Tebow is number two on the list.  I'm not sure if it's the virgin thing, or his sudden boom into fame but "Tebowing" takes on a new meaning for some women.

Check out the full list:

#1.)  David Beckham,  43.1%

#2.)  Tim Tebow,  19.6%

#3.)  Tom Brady,  17.9%

#4.)  Derek Jeter,  16.5 %

#5.)  Alex Rodriguez,  13.2%

#6.)  Cristiano Ronaldo,  11%

#7.)  Michael Phelps,  10.5%

#8.)  Peyton Manning,  9.6%

#9.)  Aaron Rodgers,  9.5%

#10.)  Surfer Kelly Slater,  9.2%