Blake Lively is a lot of things: tall, blonde, stunning, arguably talented given the right material, and married to the equally gorgeous Ryan Reynolds. But pregnant she ain't.

The 'Gossip Girl' starlet's rep is denying a report saying that her castmates and crew members are on "bump watch" following her surprise wedding to her 'Green Lantern' co-star. Not that it was entirely necessary, because the "report" was pretty obviously made up to begin with.

Lively's rep told Gossip Cop that the pregnancy rumors are "completely untrue." The bump chatter started when Lively returned to the 'G.G.' set following her hush-hush nuptials. The New York Post's Page Six noted, "Blake is usually really careful about what she eats, but since her wedding, she seems to be eating a lot more. Everyone on set is on bump-watch."

That was it. That was literally the only thing they had to substantiate any inkling of a maybe-baby. Because if a woman is married for 20 minutes and has a big lunch, her eggo is totes preggo.

We're not sure why it didn't occur to anyone that maybe she's just hungry and not concerned about fitting into a wedding gown anymore. Seriously, if we were actually knocked up every time we consumed something carb-heavy, we'd be giving Octomom a run for her money by now.

To be fair, though, it's hard to fault people for wanting this to be true. Especially since giving Blake Lively a stretch mark or two would make us all feel better about our own lives.

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