If you are anything like me you love to play practical jokes on your love ones, or even on people that you hate.

Also if you are anything like me you are not creative or you just plain suck at it.

Well thank God for Household Hacker they have come up with 7 simple that can be done on April Fools Day or for any other day.

I'm not really sure how this day actually started but I'm pretty sure it was invented so adults can be assh*les and be okay about it.Out of the 7 pranks explained in this video, my favorites are taking the deodorant out of the case and replacing it with butter.

Do you have any idea how angry I would be if that happened to me?

But the overall best prank explained in this video would be rigging the pregnancy test to say that you are pregnant.

But as the video says you should do this only if you have a loving boyfriend/husband that understands a good joke.