On this day, Nov. 8, in hip-hop history...

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2002: It's been 15 years to the day since hip-hop cult film, 8 Mile, was released in theaters nationwide. The film chronicled the life of Detroit rapper B-Rabbit (played by Eminem) as he fought his way through trials and tribulations to get his big break. The movie was loosely based on Em's life, and has become one of the most successful rap films of all time.

Between the freestyle battles, Cheddar Bob's unfortunate mishap and dozens of arm-gripping scenes, 8 Mile is a film that roots for the underdogs and leaves behind dozens of quotables. The star-studded cast included Em, Mekhi Phifer, Kim Basinger, Taryn Manning and the late Brittany Murphy. Proof, Eminem's real-life best friend who was murdered in 2006, was portrayed by Phifer's "Truth" character and was even cast as Lil Tic' in the movie.

The week of Nov. 8, 2002 proved to be one for the history books, as 8 Mile pulled in over $51 million during its opening weekend. Just a week prior, the 8 Mile soundtrack's standout single "Lose Yourself" debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The track went on to maintain its stay at the summer for 12 weeks straight. In 2003, "Lose Yourself" won an Academy Award for Best Original Song, making it the first rap song in history to receive an Oscar.

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