Tory Lanez has been steadily building up his resume over the last decade and has gotten to the point where he is a sought after collaborator. He is cashing in on the feature checks to the tune of $75,000 a pop.

On late Friday (Aug. 2), the rapper interacted with his Twitter followers using the hash tag #AskFargo. He got a number of different queries including a question about how much he charges to appear on a record.

"Bro, Mans a big supporter still ☔️. How much for a feature? I‘ll make sure to bring that heat," one supporter wanted to know.

"On everything I love I charge 75k right now," the Canadian rap crooner responded.

That $75,000 for a 16 is nothing to sneeze at. In comparison, Soulja Boy was selling verses for $10,000 a piece back in April.

Tory's humble brag is par for the course for the boastful, hard-working rap artist. XXL spoke with Tory for the Spring 2019 issue where he talked about going to bigger heights.

“People think I’m mad arrogant,” he said. “But I’m really just confident in myself, and I just don’t have limitations. The reason why I do things is to show my fans that there are no limitations, period. Sometimes I’ve got to be boasty about that and gotta say it in such an exclamation that it’s looked at as, ‘This guy’s going crazy.’ But at the end of the day, I do it so that when my legacy is here and I’m gone, the world knows. I can take it to the top because this kid never let the millions of people on the internet tell him anything. He just kept going.”

Check out more of Tory Lanez's #AskFargo answers below.

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