This Friday, IFC is showing the 23rd chapter of R. Kelly's epic hip hopera 'Trapped in The Closet.' More chapters are to follow on the station and on IFC's website. While it is unclear how many will eventually air, Kelly says he has now written 85 overall chapters.

During the launch party for the 23rd chapter, which took place Monday in New York, Kelly also revealed that he has an offer to bring Sylvester, Pimp Lucius and "The Package" to Broadway.

"'Trapped in the Closet' is an alien," R. Kelly explained. "I'm glad to be one of the astronauts to take this trip to a place unknown."

According to Kelly, he is writing the stage adaptation right now and will likely end up singing in the show. (And narrating and wearing various wigs and adopting stereotypical accents...)

Come to think of it, the campy, often hilarious musical melodrama of 'Trapped in the Closet' lends itself pretty well to a lavish Broadway production. Will 'Trapped In the Closet' be the next 'Book of Mormon?' Probably not, but it can't be any more of a train-wreck than 'Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark.'