In November 2009, Travis Scott started a blog called 12340art. It never got very popular and he stopped posting on it in April of the following year, but it contains glimpses into the life of the Houston rapper before he blew up.

Over the weekend, a Reddit user named Fly5597 discovered the blog and posted it online. The user notes the blog is "mainly posts about cartoons characters, fashion, influences, general college photos and early music," and also points out there's a link to Travis' old MySpace page featuring some of his early songs as one half of The Classmates.

The very first post Travis made is actually an interview with Travis and the other half of The Classmates, Jason Eric. They released a tape together called B.A.P.E. Mixtape when Travis was a senior in high school. It's never been officially released, but do a little snooping around the internet and you should find it. Look for their Buddy Rich tape too while you're at it.

Travis would often post about fashion and girls on the blog, and there's even a video of him talking about Jordans in there. Take a tour through the blog for a rare glimpse at La Flame before the stardom.

If you missed it, read our interview with Travis about his upcoming album AstroWorld. 

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