A peaceful pro-Trayvon Martin protest in Houston turned ugly when thousands of people poured into a busy interstate, leading to one grandmother getting attacked trying to get her granddaughter to the hospital.

KPRC-TV reported that Georgia’s daughter, who was driving the car when the incident occurred, first attempted to go around the protesters by driving on the grassy shoulder, but the crowd would not let them pass.

“One of them was hitting the windshield and I was just screaming, ‘We’ve got to get to the hospital,’ and they were screaming and chanting,” Georgia’s daughter said. “All I could think of was, I got to get my granddaughter to the hospital.”

That’s when Georgia rolled down the window to reason with the frenzied protesters. They responded by assaulting her.

The video clearly shows that a man grabbed her, but I personally don't think "assault" is the word to use.

This woman is definitely playing up the victim role here, but who can blame her.  Any parent with a sick kid is a single minded machine.  Anything getting in the way of their goal is going to lose.

The worst thing that could happen from a video like this is if people start to associate race with the incident.  This was about a group of people with a single mindset colliding with a parent trying to take care of sick kid.

Nothing more.  The man who grabbed the car and the grandma could meet each other a million times without any incident.  There is no ill will between them at all, this was all a product of time and place.  Please don't let people turn it into something else.