Turk has some issues with his old Cash Money Records label mates. The New Orleans rapper went on social media to criticize Lil Wayne, Juvenile and Mannie Fresh for not reaching out to him in the four years since he's been home from prison.

"I don't got no beef with no nigga, but I am disappointed in you niggas," Turk said. "And y'all know who I'm talking about. It been almost four years since I've been home. And I be wanting to do shows with y'all. Just being real."

The video features Turk wondering aloud if Lil Wayne, Juvenile and Mannie Fresh have a problem with him. He states that he's cool with B.G. and Birdman, the other stars from Cash Money's glory days, and Turk's good relationship with Birdman makes sense considering he recently rejoined Cash Money Records.

"I don't know if you niggas got a problem with Turk, but if you got a problem with Turk, please address that shit," Turk continued. "Cause I'm sick of niggas keep coming to me talking bout, 'Why you ain't doing shows with so and so. Why you ain't got no songs and no tracks from so and so.' Let me know the business. Wayne, Juvie, Mannie Fresh... Stunna fucking with a nigga. B.G. fucking with a nigga. What's up with y'all, man? Let me know. This the only way I can reach y'all right now."

Turk's problem appears to stem from his inability to collaborate with the trio on a reunion album that was mentioned earlier this year. Turk claims he cannot get in contact with his former running mates, but the Hot Boys member did work with Lil Wayne on the 2015 mixtape No Ceilings 2.

The whole situation seems particularly messy as Lil Wayne's ongoing issues with Birdman and Cash Money Records are likely a factor in this contentious relationship between former friends. Wayne's frustrations with Birdman and his longtime label seemed to reach a tipping point last week when Weezy declared he would retire.

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