Bronson Pelletier was one of the actors in 'Twilight' but now is starring in his own movie where he pees in the middle of LAX.  I don't think this one will be as big of a box office hit as 'Twilight' was.

Bronson Pelletier can no longer deny that he took a leak right in the middle of LAX last month.  A video has surfaced that shows the 'Twilight' actor taking a whiz as an airport employee approaches him.

The employee then stood by patiently waiting for the actor to finish ... until police showed up to arrest him.  He was busted for public intoxication at the airport after getting thrown off a flight for being too drunk, but he had insisted he did no such thing.  His rep says that he knows that he has issues, and will be entering a treatment program for addiction soon.

I have to admit that I have gotten drunk in an airport bar before, and I have also peed in or on something that I was not supposed to.  I can proudly say that I have never combined the two things though.