Twitter CEO Dick Costolo announced overwhelming number of tweets processed a day.  If you are still someone who is not on twitter then maybe this news will entice you to join in.  Twitter is really one of those social media platforms you can overlook due to its reach to everything and everyone.

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo was in London for the Internet Advertising Bureau's Engage conference and announced a unbelievable number for tweets that get processed a day. Twitter previously boasted about hitting the mark of 400 million tweets a day.  Yeah, Twitter gets it in!  Now, Costolo announced that Twitter has reached up to half a billion tweets processed a day.

Not only was the half a billion tweets a day news big from the Costolo but new features may become real.  It seems as if a 'Like' and Star feature will be add to the social media platform.  Some features maybe removed from Twitter like the 'Favorite' feature. [spotted at Complex]

Twitter is all about keep it fresh and innovative.  If you're on Twitter, what do you like about it the most?