Two seemingly unrelated cases of near-abduction have Genesee County women on high alert this week.

This is the kind of thing you never like to hear and what makes it even more terrifying is that there are two completely different creepers out there trying to snatch women off of the street in broad daylight. Thankfully, both women were able to escape their would-be-abductors.

The first incident happened on Friday (5/15) in Mt. Morris at Barber and Washington when a 19-year-old woman was asked if she needed a ride by a passing motorist. When she refused, the man attempted to force her into the vehicle. She was able to fight the man off and escape. The available details on the suspect are as follows:

  • Black male in his 40s with facial hair
  • Drives a Black 2006 Yukon
  • Vehicle appears to be lifted and has chrome rims

The second incident happened Sunday (5/17) on Flint's West Side near Flushing and Chevrolet. The man attempted to take the woman by force, but was thwarted by her fighting back and a nearby witness who helped scare off the suspect. The available details for this would-be-abductor are as follows:

  • Heavy set white male
  • Has curly hair and a beard
  • Wears round glasses
  • Drive newer model white pickup truck with extended cab

If you have any information on either suspect, please contact the Flint and/or Mt. Morris Police and please be careful when walking alone.

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