Tyga drops the video for his new single just in time for his album to come out.

Tuesday is the big day for Tyga he will be releasing his new album Titled 'Hotel California' which is going to feature his hit single 'Faded'. Tyga usually uses the help of other artist on his records and it seems like he is not going to stop anytime soon. His latest single 'Molly' Features Wiz Khalifa and is all about well finding that all so important and popular party drug Molly.

There is a huge debate going on right now in the hip-hop community involving the praise of drug use. Molly is the substance that has been becoming more and more popular as a party drug. Which brings me to Wiz I am a huge Wiz fan but he did make a song saying he only does Marry Jane. Any way I'm sure Tyga will have to deal with some back lash if he already hasn't.