Even though Odd Future is no longer existent, Tyler, The Creator is still jubilant as ever. The 24-year old rapper had an extra pep in his step when he stopped by 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' last Friday (June 12). During the interview, Tyler spoke on a variety of things including the origin of his name, his days working at Starbucks and FedEx, and also his new Golf app.

When asked about his Golf app, Tyler's eyes lit up in excitement as he broke down the concept behind his newest idea. "I basically put my world in this one spot," he said. "So like me and my one friend were writing cartoons. We have so many original things..like shows basically that's going to be going on here. I do cool stuff. Like I wanna own a movie theater one day. So I'm renting out movie theaters across America and showing my favorite movies."

He also mentioned how he implemented a radio station to his app so that everybody can have a taste of what he listens too on a regular basis. "I put like 600 songs that I personally listen too like all the time on there just to show people different music," he said.

Tyler also delved into the origin of his name and credited MySpace for the inspiration. "I had three MySpaces, right? One of them was Tyler something and then another one was Tyler something. And then, I had a  MySpace that just had all of my drawings, and a couple of beats I made, and like random ideas and stuff. I put it under "Tyler the Creator" because I couldn't think of anything else. That page just got popular and I just ran with it. I didn't plan this out at all," the Cherry Bomb rapper explained.

Finally, Tyler spoke on his working days as an employee at both Starbucks and FedEx. The rambunctious rapper didn't bite his tongue and spoke candidly about his horrid experiences working at both establishments.

"Starbucks was cool cause I stole cheese danishes everyday. FedEx was so depressing. It was just the spirit there...just older dudes pushing boxes and were ok with it. It scared the living hell out of me. So I quit after like a week and four days," he recalls.

He also managed to sarcastically shout-out his old manager Cindy from Starbucks, who fired him after he worked two and a half years there.

"This lady named Cindy - she was a new manager - she hated on me. She fired me and I hope she's watching because I still hate her," said Tyler.

Check out the interview below and revel in Tyler's comedic anecdotes.

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