Uncle Murda is making it clear where he stands on the incarcerated 6ix9ine. In a preview of a new track the Brooklyn rapper shared to Instagram on Sunday night (Feb. 24), we can hear Murda calling out his former collaborator and wishing nothing but the worst for the rapper.

"Tekashi bout to tell on all of his homies/His baby moms got caught fucking one of his homies," Murda spits to open the track, which features bars over a beat that uses the same sample as Ice Cube's "It Was a Good Day." At another point of the song, Murda raps, "Real niggas not surprised that 6ix9ine telling/Hope he get raped while they got him in PC!"

Uncle Murda previously mentioned 6ix9ine's incarceration on his annual year-end "Rap Up" for 2018, but this was before news broke that the Dummy Boy rapper was telling the federal authorities about the crimes allegedly committed by his former Nine Trey Gangsta Blood crew members.

This isn't the first time Murda's name-dropped 6ix9ine. On "Rap Up 2018," Murda spit, "Tekashi got snatched by the feds, he done/I'm like, 'Damn, why they doin' that to 50 Cent son?' (Aw)/Can't forget about him gettin' robbed and kidnapped/Y'all thought he was jokin', nah, that was all big facts."

Prior to 6ix9ine getting locked up, Murda featured him on his track "Get the Strap" along with Casanova and 50 Cent. Unfortunately, there were shots fired on the set of the video, and police believe that the shots were related to the beef between 6ix9ine and Casanova, despite the men having seemingly squashed their issues months earlier.

Check out Uncle Murda's preview of the song below.

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