Picture it. Saturday morning cartoons and your favorite bowl of cereal. Remember? Now what if you could enjoy creations made from those yummy boxed treats, and some new mash-up, in a restaurant like a grown-up?

Well leave it to a 17 year old to understand that we never truly stop being a kid at heart. Taylor Kyle understood that and she took her idea of opening a cereal bar and made it a reality in Grand Rapids opening the doors to the Eastown Cereal Café this past February.

The specialty eatery is a family business with Kyle's brother Edward Christian helping with orders and her parents Tony and Karmen offering up some guidance. The menu offers customers a selection of those classic name-brand cereals, oatmeal, bagels, muffins, toast and grits, and a variety of milk, coffees and juices. As much as the locals are enjoying the unique breakfast spot, it appears the café is about to get some national attention as well.

The Food Network will be heading to Grand Rapids to film for a new show. The network will be in Michigan to film on August 10th and shine the  spotlight Taylor Kyle and Eastown Cereal Café. She commented to a news outlet how shocked she was to receive a phone call from the poplar foodie network, and is excited for the filming. When asked about what the show will focus on, Kyle commented,

“Basically, giving a rundown, the history of cereal, where it started and how I’m incorporating cereal into my business".

As if this young woman hasn't excelled enough in the business world, she will be heading to Indiana Tech University in the fall to study and also run track.

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