Celebrities reading “Mean Tweets” is one of the most popular segments on Jimmy Kimmel Live! For the fourth music edition, artists in the rap, R&B and pop world get a dose of some really mean, albeit very funny, tweets.

Usher, who is reportedly separating from his wife Grace Miguel, reads a Twitter diss about him having sex. "Usher seems like he'll stop in the dead ass middle of sex because he got chilly," he says before looking into the camera with a puzzled look.

Oscar-winner Common was called the “Pottery Barn of rappers” by a mean fan. His response? “What the fuck you know about rap?”

Interestingly, Common’s ex-girlfriend, Erykah Badu, appeared on the segment and read a mean tweet about her breasts. "Erykah Badu's breasts look like dicks." With a smile, Badu replied with a simple explanation, “I had three babies.”

Chilli and T-Boz of TLC read a mean tweet calling “Waterfalls” "the worst song about waterfalls, ever." Chilli response to that remark, “That’s just some natural Earth bitch that said that.”

Finally, Ludacris was stone-faced when he read his mean tweet that reads, “I rather be homeless and watch two cats bang in an alley than to go to a Ludacris concert.”

Watch the video above for a good laugh.

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