After an always-entertaining press cycle that Vince Staples has surely enjoyed (the highlight being when he told Trevor Noah he loves to troll white people), his new album Big Fish Theory has arrived. Cop it on iTunes right now or stream it via Spotify below.

Prior to the album's release, there were reports that Kendrick Lamar was featured on the LP. Vince took to Twitter to let people know that though some felt revealing the guest features on the album would help boost sales, the Long Beach rapper could care less: "THEY WANNA KNOW THE FEATURES SAID ITS GONNA HELP THE SALES!!! NIGGAS KNOW THE BIG FISH NOT WORRIED BOUT SALES HE MAKING THAT HIGH ART [...] I HEARD THE STREETS SAYING THE BIG FISH AINT MAKE A HIP HOP ALBUM BECAUSE OF AN ALLEGED CREDITS LIST...THEY GOT THE FISH FUCKED UP."

Vince Staples' Big Fish Theory Tracklist

1. “Crabs in a Bucket”
2. “Big Fish”
3. “Alyssa Interlude”
4. “Love Can Be”
5. “745”
6. “Ramona Park Is Yankee Stadium”
7. “Yeah Right” Feat. Kendrick Lamar
8. “Homage”
9. “SAMO”
10. “Party People”
11. “Bagbak”
12. “Rain Come Down”

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