It appears that Wack 100 is planning to send the unreleased Kim Kardashian and Ray J sex tape he claims to be in possession of to Kanye West after all.

On Tuesday (Sept. 21), Wack jumped on his Instagram page and shared an image of Kanye at one of his Donda album listening events, rocking a Donda vest with his head completely covered in a black mask.

Although Wack doesn’t mention Kanye by name, he did promise to send this never-before-seen Kim K sex tape to him.

“Great convo my word is good I’ll get it right to you bro like I said I would. I appreciate ya call good hearing from ya,” he wrote in the caption.

Wack had the internet going nuts last week when he revealed on The Bootleg Kev Podcast that he had a second sex tape featuring Kim K. and Ray J that no one has seen before.

"All I know is this, Kanye West, holla at me, bro," he said on the episode, which aired last Wednesday (Sept. 15). "We got part two on the laptop, ain't never been seen. We'd love for you to have it. It would be a great personal private NFT."

The hip-hop manager added that the tape is even more explicit than the original tape that leaked in 2002, which became the biggest celebrity viral moment of that year. “[It’s] graphic and better than the first one," Wack shared. "Me personally, I would never give it to anybody but Kanye, ’cause that's the mother of his children."

After the news broke, Kim Kardashian’s attorney Marty Singer lashed out at Wack 100 and insisted there is no sex tape to speak of and that Wack is only clout-chasing.

"The claim that there is an unreleased sex tape is unequivocally false," Singer told TMZ. "It is unfortunate that people make these statements to try and get their 15 minutes of fame."

Meanwhile, Ray J is not happy about what Wack is doing but appears to be staying out of the fray.

"This ain’t cool - I been staying off the Raydar," he wrote in an Instagram post about the situation. "Just staying focused and being humble and thankful for all the blessings I’m receiving." Ray then added, "I’m a father now and my job is to be a great parent and put them first. This is not the message I want to send out - smh."

Though Kanye and Kim reportedly divorced earlier this year, they appear to be cordial with each other. Recently, Kim appeared onstage during Kanye's Donda listening event at Chicago’s Soldier Field stadium, which sparked rumors that the former power couple may be trying to reconcile.

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