Waka Flocka Flame wants people to stop labeling rap as dangerous.

On Wednesday (Feb. 26), Waka Flocka hit up his Instagram timeline to tell his followers that all this talk about rap being dangerous can actually do some harm to a hip-hop artist's career. In his brief rant, Waka, who's set to drop his final album this year, says that if artists start going around saying that being a rapper is dangerous then show organizers won't book said rappers for concerts.

"I've got to say this real quick, I'll probably—and I'm gonna delete this shit, but- please stop saying rap is dangerous," Waka said into the camera while he was driving a car. "Y'all niggas is falling into the trap. 'Cause if hip-hop is dangerous, they gon' stop booking shows around each state, stop making hip-hop popular. The fuck are y'all doing, bro?"

The "Round of Applause" rapper's comments come not long after Jim Jones spoke about just how dangerous being a rapper is these days. In an Instagram post, the Dipset rapper debated a Marine veteran who challenged his statements about how much harder it is to be a rapper over a soldier fighting in a war.

"Here are facts every nigga I grew up with is either dead or in jail so u wanna compare death tolls it won't add up," Jones wrote in his defense. "U went to army n met niggas u never knew or grew up wit. I grew up wit all these niggas all my life so it hit different."

Jones' comments, and any other comments like them, arrive a week after rising Brooklyn rapper Pop Smoke was shot and killed in Los Angeles' Hollywood Hills neighborhood. He was only 20.

You can see Waka speak his mind on the topic of labeling rap life as being dangerous below.

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