Earlier this week, Gucci Mane visited Hot 97 to sit down with Funkmaster Flex and talk about his time in prison, the new artists he wants to work with, and how he embraced his popularity post-jail.

At one point in their conversation, Flex asks Guwop about Waka Flocka and whether they reconnected when Gucci got out. "I haven't spoken to Waka in three years," says Guwop plainly. “It’s just done. I wish him well. I’m so concerned with the stuff I got going, I just did two albums in three months. I’m just trying to keep focused on what I got going. I can’t be thinking about that. I can’t trip forward looking back.”

Now it seems Waka has caught wind of the interview, and on Twitter Saturday morning (Sept. 24) he alluded to Gucci's claims.

"Just seen that interview," wrote the Atlanta rapper. "Niggas was begging the kid to come to his party [...] but 3yrs.. I'm bool." He went on to clarify that his comments were "no shade," but wondered, "Why when a nigga keep shit gangsta he gotta be a hater."

"I'm in a world full of people who want credit for everything but hate cards," he continued. "I don't need help I never called for [...] I took 3 years off my career to build my fan base... I could've signed with ___ and gave ___ 20% just to look bigger. I took the harder route and shit paid off lovely. Moral to my story is to stay focused and keep fucking grinding."

In addition, Waka hinted that his long-awaited Flockaveli 2 mixtape is on the way this winter. 808 Mafia producer Southside hinted at the project weeks ago on Periscope.

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