After days of protests from residents of Washington, D.C.'s Shaw neighborhood, go-go music is back on at a Metro PCS store. This is after the owner, Donald Campbell, was ordered to stop playing go-go music—something he’s been doing for 24 years—after a resident in an adjacent luxury apartment building threatened to sue T-Mobile, which owns Metro PCS, over the noise.

D.C. native Wale joined the #DontMuteDC protest on Tuesday (April 9) and said that he was "gravely upset" when he heard about the store being ordered to stop playing go-go music. He told ABC7 WJLA that go-go is the fabric of D.C. and he never wants to see it go away.

“It made me the man I am today. It’s part of my culture, it part of my life, it’s part of my heritage," he said. “I’ll never it let go and I will do whatever I can to keep that tradition alive with Chuck [Brown], [Little] Benny and all the greats that came before me—go-go or otherwise."

In addition to the #DontMuteDC protest, a petition was created at that garnered over 60,000 digital signatures.

On Wednesday morning (April 10), John Legere, chief executive of T-Mobile U.S., announced on Twitter in a tweet addressing The Washington Post that he “looked into this issue" himself and that "the music should NOT stop in D.C.!”

"[We] are proud to be part of the Shaw community—the music will go on and our dealer will work with the neighbors to compromise volume," he added.

At noon, Campbell turned on the go-go music outside of his store, although it was at a considerably lower volume than before.

“We want to keep the culture going, we want to keep the bands going and we want to keep the music relevant as we’re trying to do,” Campbell told WTOP. “We’re definitely going to be respectful of the community and we hope that we can all work together."

Listen to Wale's comments about go-go music and the #DontMuteDC protests below.

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