Wale is set to release some more free music via his mixtape, Summer on Sunset. The 31-year-old rapper enlisted his longtime friend and collaborator, Jerry Seinfeld, to announce the news.

In an Instagram video, Seinfeld's recognizable voice is overhead giving some advice to the D.C. native. "I heard you're moving out to L.A. to clear your head," said Seinfeld. "On my God, there's very little clear head out there."

The 62-year-old comedian continued to warn Wale of the dangers of Los Angeles. "But L.A.'s fun--there's a lot of people out there working but the people who aren't working are partying even harder." But he also gave the rhymer some good advice: "Stay cool. Be yourself. Don't ever change."

Afterwards, Wale is seen hanging out with some hip-hop elites including Drake, Mike Will Made It and Fabolous.

It's no secret that Wale is a fan of Seinfeld. This will be his third project related to the 90s sitcom after 2008's The Mixtape About Nothing and 2015's The Album About Nothing.(Seinfeld was taglined as "the show about nothing.") Wale and Seinfeld have also become friends in the process.

In an interview with the New York Times, Seinfeld explained how they came to know each other.

"I think I met [Wale] even before I knew about [The Mixtape About Nothing]. My wife was a fan and she plays his music in the house all the time. I liked it, too," he said. "So I had heard his name and then he came to a show and asked if he could say hello, so he came backstage. I thought he was a very charming young man. And then I heard about the mixtape, and he came up with the idea of doing the whole album. It just felt so offbeat and that’s what appeals to me."

Summer on Sunset is slated to arrive tomorrow (June 17). His fifth studio album,S.H.I.N.E. (Still Here Ignoring Negative Energy), is also on the horizon to be released later this year. Stay tuned. 

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