Today would have been Michael Jackson's 55th birthday, and maybe that's why Tony Jaa decided to create 'Moonwaker Muay Thai'. 

Imagine the scene from the 'Bad' video, or 'Smooth Criminal' but instead of just dancing, MJ were actually kicking the crap out of people.  That's basically what this is!

I don't know if there is any practical use for this, but it looks cool so maybe the guy you were fighting would just stop and watch for a bit.  Then you could explain to him that 'Dirty Diana' is your all time favorite MJ song, but nobody ever agrees with you.  Finally he confesses that he ALSO LOVES that song, and instead of fighting, you become life long friends.

Thank you Michael Jackson . . . and Muay Thai, and um . . . Tony.

Watch the funniest, saddest (but really funny) kid Muay Thai fight of all time by clicking the picture below.