Out with the old, and in with the new is what's happening in Downtown Linden this week.

City of Linden officials posted the start of the demo on their Tik Tok page today. The Beacon & Bridge is getting torn down, and replaced with a brand new. updated store. This is just another big move that is happening in Downtown Linden. Over the last year, there has been a flurry of activity at the corner of Main and Broad Streets in Linden.

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City of Linden Facebook
City of Linden Facebook

You can see what the finished Beacon & Bridge project will look like when it is finished above. City of Linden officials are beyond excited about all of the activity happening downtown.

I take my son to Dr. Wax in Linden, so every three weeks or so we get to see all of the progress that is being made downtown. Just in the last year there have been a couple of new restaurants,  a new coffee shop, and a new boutique that have all opened in the same couple of blocks. After so many businesses hurting during the pandemic, it's really cool to watch new places open again.

We've talked a lot on the radio about having "City Envy" where you see something in another town that you wish you had in your town. That's the way I am starting to feel about downtown Linden. They have such a cool little area, but there wasn't much to do in years past. Now they have found a way to keep the charm of their downtown, but add in a social aspect with the new businesses.

I'm obviously not in charge, but I think the next step is to open up a nice craft brewery and then shut down the streets for a social district at some point this summer.


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