Eminem and Lord Jamar have been in a feud going back to 2014, and Em added more fuel to the fire during a weekend show.

The concert in Abu Dhabi happened on October 25th, in front of a sold out crowd Em decided to take a shot at Jamar. He stopped the music and started to tell Mr Porter about a dream he just had.

I had a dream that I was a fu#$ing nobody, who sucked at rap . . . and then I woke up, and do you know who I was Mr Porter? Lord Jamar

It's not the most creative or clever diss in the history of hop hop beefs, but I guess it gets the point across.

The crazy part about this whole beef is the way it started. In an interview five years ago, Jamar said that he couldn't get into Emimem's music because he couldn't relate to it. From there it has escalated into statements like, "No black people listen to Eminem."

Eminem did go after Jamar on the track 'Fall' which started things back up between the two.

I guess my big question is why? Especially right now?

Jamar isn't making any new music, and Em is definitely in the twilight of his career. What can possibly be gained by these two going after each other for this long?

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