A lot of people may not know or care who Ricardo Brown, but if you are a hip hop head then you know who he is and what he has done for west coast rap. Kurupt has been associated with Death Row Records Snoop Dogg and the group 'Tha Dogg Pound since the early 90's.Kurupt along with Snoop Dogg and fellow group member Daz were very influential components in the 'East Coast West Coast' beef.

While 2pac and Deathrow Records CEO Suge Knight were at the center of the beef from the west coast Kurupt and Daz were the foot soldiers and did most of the dissing, even making a video with Snoop Dogg  depicted as giants and literally crushing the city of New York.

In a rap lyric Kurupt even declared himself the "king of New York" even though the vast majority of his rap career he has been based in California.

During a very recent interview DJ Vlad asked Kurupt about Kendrick Lamar declaring himself the "King of New York"  and Vlad wanted Kurupt's opinion on how the city of New York responded.

Kurupt's response is classic and scary.