Who does Flo Rida think he is by sampling Tupac? That is so disrespectful. Flo Rida not even one of the hot artist of the time.  Does Flo Rida even have enough "street cred" to use Tupac? Only to legends of the game should be able to sample other legends. Flo Rida is not a legend. SMH

Flo Rida on Tupac: "On the song, "Come With Me" I use Tupac. I sample his lyrics. I don't necessarily use him talking but it's me using some of the "Hail Mary" lyrics. I have always been a big fan of Tupac and I feel like no one has really given him a proper tribute and I'm looking forward to shooting the video for that.

[via Flo Rida on Tupac, Ke$ha x His New Girl Eva Marcille [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] | Global Grind.]