The obvious answer would be nothing, but don't jump to conclusions.  Captain Jack Sparrow has been tirelessly looking for the fountain of youth and according to some Dr. Dre may have found it.  Check out the details below along with the latest video from Dre, "Kush".

"I feel like, now I feel much better--and actually look better, to me--than I did when I was in my early 20s or 30s. I'm definitely healthier now. That has a big part to do with it, just staying healthy. It definitely keeps your confidence up. I've actually had tests on my body, and the doctor said I'm 31. [Laughs] So I'm riding with that sh*t.

It's a good thing that Dre doesn't play any pro sports, because he would be on the Barry Bonds list in a minute!  When he got on stage at Comerica Park in Detroit, they turned off the jumbo tron because everyone could see him just fine without it!  That's how big he is!  Anyway, the new "Kush" video is out and you should watch it before Dre finds out and comes looking for you.

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