An important programming note for Star Wars fans, and also fans of free #content: A brand-new series of Star Wars animated shorts is coming — and quickly. Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures debuts online this week. The official trailer is above.

As suggested by the clip, the series, which you’ll be able to watch on the Star Wars Kids YouTube Channel, adapts the classic Episodes into fun short cartoons. The first six shorts debut this Friday, with more coming in 2019. Designed as an introduction to the Star Wars universe for younger fans, the goal is to whet kids’ appetites with animation so that they’ll want to seek out the features for more. It’s a first-taste’s-free business model that’s been used with some success throughout the world and I imagine it will work here as well.

I like the animation style here. It still looks a little advanced for my three-year-old daughter, but I could absolutely see trying to break her in to Star Wars this way. (She already discovered the lightsaber we had in the house, and that’s going extremely, dangerously well.) According to THR, the new show is “the beginning of a year-long celebration of Star Wars storytelling” in the run-up to Star Wars: Episode IX. Yup, the big finale of the newest trilogy is due in theaters in just about a year.

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