Sacha Baron Cohen’s Who Is America? was one of the biggest and most pleasant surprises of the year in television, with the creator of Borat and Da Ali G Show returning with a whole new series — and a whole new series of characters to plague people with. Roy Moore sued him, a Georgia politician resigned after his bizarre appearance with Cohen’s Israeli “anti-terror expert” Erran Morad. It was a good time all around.

The good times are over, though, according to Cohen. In a new interview with Deadline, Cohen says it would be “impossible” to make a second season of Who Is America? meaning the show is unceremoniously over after just seven episodes.

Cohen explained why he is retiring the show after a single season:

We relied on the fact that no one was expecting me. I hadn’t done anything undercover for over a decade and so nobody thought, oh wait a minute, is this a Sacha Baron Cohen character?’ That’s the problem. You’d have to wait another 10 years to get away with it again, otherwise you’d have some very slim pickings. And no publicist worth his or her weight would allow an interview with anyone suspicious now.

So that’s it; all that work and now it’s done. Next time, Cohen should shoot way more stuff then release a second season out of the extra material. If there is a next time, which won’t be soon apparently. You can watch the entire first season of Who Is America? right now on Showtime Anytime.

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