'Motor City Wives' is a new reality show that is being put together, and you will probably recognize a few of the women featured in it.

Some of the most familiar faces will be 'Deelishis' from 'Flavor Of Love' and Sara Stokes from 'Making The Band'.

If that doesn't get you excited there promises to be some more surprises in store for Detroit.

According to their Facebook page:

Also reportedly joining the cast are former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's sister, Ayanna Kilpatrick-Ferguson and author Valencia Williams.

There are reports of a confrontation regarding Deelishis and Ayanna (rumored to be about former dirt-dog Mayor Kwame) and Valencia meets a transgendered woman (Julisa) who claims that JoJo Simmons has been trying to pursue her.

Some people are worried about the image that this show might portray for the D, but honestly can it get any worse?

So the big question is, will you watch it?