Wiz Khalifa has a message for Gillie Da Kid after the rapper-turned-podcaster has continued to blame the Taylor Gang MC for getting Gillie's Instagram page deleted.

On Sunday morning (April 10), Wiz commented on the issue, which has been dragged on for the last few days by Gillie. "I didn’t get that child’s instagram deleted," Wiz typed on Twitter. "I even offered to help him get his page back and he declined. See ya ✌🏾."

Gillie caught wind of Wiz's post and addressed the Full Court Press rapper on Instagram Live.

"He did what he did," Gillie said in the video, later implying that the two rappers talked on the phone. "And then tried to give me an ultimatum. 'I mean, we can sit down an talk and I can get your Instagram right back.' Boy, you knew I was playing. You giving me an ultimatum. Man, fuck you and that Instagram, boy. Fuck is wrong with you?"

"Now you wake up in the morning because they been killing you all night, you wake up in the morning and you talking about, 'I didn't get this child's Instagram'... That's the best you can come with, boy," Gillie continued. "Huh? Huh? You little spicy chicken tender. That's the best you could come up with? Huh? You know damn well, we put you and me in a room, you wouldn't call me no child. See this the type of stuff I'm talking about. If you put me and you in a room, next to each other, you wouldn't in a million years call me a child."

Gillie's beef with Wiz started last week after Gillie joked the Pittsburgh rapper for constantly posting workout videos in tight underwear on Instagram.

"It's a little crazy today ’cause I had to unfollow one of my brothers," Gillie told his followers in an Instagram video. "Wiz Khalifa, man. I love you brother. I'm still riding around banging 'Black and Yellow' and when I '[See You Again].' You a legend, man. It's Pennsylvania, baby. Philly to Pittsburgh, but I had to unfollow ’em today, man. Every time I come on my page, man. You in ya draws, man. You giving up strap and ball action, man. Everyday, man? I can't do eight balls in the corner pocket when I wake up, man. So, I had to unfollow you, playa. But I love you, though. You know you my brother for life."

A day later, the Million Dollaz Worth of Game co-host's Instagram page had been removed. Gillie attributed the deleted page to Wiz. “U tell a ni$$a put sum shorts on he tells IG ur bullying him and gets ur page deactivated,” Gillie tweeted along with a face-palm emoji. “Ni$$a I was playing des rappers so pu$$y.”

Gillie has since gotten a new Instagram page where he has addressed the situation with Wiz multiple times. "It's 2022 u got social media rats now," he put in one post. "Can't wait to see ya," he added with a smiling face with horns emoji.

In another post, he expounded on his conversation with Wiz following the fallout. "You know I talked to that super soft, extra sensitive, swab, cotton ass-nigga, right?" Gillie relayed. "He said, 'You hurt my feelings. You hurt my feelings.' He said, 'People was laughing at me, Gillie. I don't like to be laughed at.' He said, "I feel like you were bringing down another Black man.'"

See Gillie's posts below.

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