Since the dawn of man some 600 years (its's a joke calm down) there have been many great inventions, discoveries and ground breaking events. Some of these were/are great accomplishments that we as humans can be proud of, others could make a greater being do a colossal facepalm.Due to modern science the first ever penis transplant occurred in Cape Town South Africa.

The reason why this is so ground breaking is because in South Africa it is common for males to lose their penises due to circumcision.

The actual surgery took 9 hours and the male that went into surgery had full function of his penis in just 4 months, which was originally estimated to take 3 years to fully recovery, I guess the 21 year old man had "stuff and thangs" to do.

This is a great accomplishment for doctors and modern science and for the men of Cape Town South Africa, but I feel we as Americans will take this to the extreme.

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