If you are like me then you are a short fat kid, I feel your pain! No really though, I've always had a problem with using public restrooms since I was in elementary. Not sure if it's because I enjoy the comfort of my own bathroom or because most public restrooms are just nasty. I took it upon myself to search the streets of Flint to find some of the most disgusting restrooms around and it was difficult trying to narrow it down to the Top 5. Be sure to check them out below and leave a comment if you know of a nastier restroom in the city. This is for all my people scared to use public restrooms, this is why!

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    North Side Gas Station

    I'll tell you a quick story of why I chose this "Gas Station" on the North side as number 5. It's on my way to work and I honestly thought I would have time to get there in time and that wasn't the case. Not only is it same, but it has a naughty picture on the way. That was the only part I enjoyed.

    Club 93.7
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    Downtown Restaurant

    With Flint doing a lot of rebuilding downtown this is actually a very nice restroom, but one problem. It's only good for someone who is 7 feet tall or a small child. I felt like I needed a phone book to stand on.

    Club 93.7
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    Well Known Flint Bar

    You may recognize this restroom, but only if you are drunk. After a few drinks in downtown you may need to "re leave" yourself...DON'T! Really I shouldn't have to explain it the picture is pretty self explanatory!

    Club 93.7
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    Work Restroom

    I shouldn't be putting this at number 2, but oh well. It's the restroom where I work. For some reason the men here have a tough time hitting the urinal...that's why there is now a sign.

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    Dort Highway. Restaurant

    Nothing can beat this. I won't say any names, but a restaurant on Dort Highway. is the winner of the WORST RESTROOM in Flint. Obviously I couldn't take this picture because it's in the woman's bathroom so I had my girl take it. I feel sorry for all the women out there that had to or will use this restroom!

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