A couple of military trained dolphins escaped a Ukrainian naval in the search for love. The scary/crazy part about this story is that these dolphins are trained to kill swimmers. WTF?

(Huffington Post)

On Tuesday, Russian state media agency RIA Novosti reported that three dolphins had escaped from a Ukrainian naval training base in Sevastopol on the Crimean peninsula. The mammals were possibly in search of suitable mates.

The outlet quoted a "former Soviet naval anti-sabotage officer" as saying this type of thing had happened during dolphin training programs during the 1980s.

"If a male dolphin saw a female dolphin during the mating season, then he would immediately set off after her. But they came back in a week or so," Yury Plyachenko told RIA Novosti.

The news organization made international waves last year after it reported 10 dolphins were being trained by the Ukrainian navy to detect mines and attack enemy swimmers. However, Ukraine's Defense Ministry has denied reports of any attack dolphin program, RIA Novosti notes.

While often unconfirmed, rumors about military-trained dolphins have existed for

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