Roman Reigns announced that he'll be relinquishing his Universal title to take time and fight another battle he has in front of him, Leukemia.

The WWE from afar can seem like a child's spectacle but nothing can be farther from the truth. The wrestlers/superstars literally destroy their bodies for our entertainment. And when you become a wrestling fan it's a lifelong journey filled with all sorts of personalities. But, more importantly is the bound that comes with watching your favorite superstar.

Roman Reigns is arguably one of the most beloved and famous WWE superstars today, and to see a crowd favorite take on a life threatening battle outside the ring can make  reality hit pretty hard. We forget that these "Superstars" are people just like us. They feel like us, they laugh like us, and they can get sick like us. Now Roman is in a place in life were I'm sure he can gain access to the best medical treatment money can buy. So I'm confident that our WWE superstar will be back better than ever. Let's just keep him in ours prayers and everyone else who is or has battled cancer.


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