On May 19th, I was able to attend Sneaker Con Chicago 2012. Whether you are into sneakers or not, this event was a must attend.  If you enjoy the sneaker culture like I do, Sneaker Con Chicago was an awesome event. May be you are on the other side and really don’t care about sneakers, this event would have won you over with the energy in the room along with people coming together with shared interest.  Imagine getting people together from all over the country in one location who all enjoy the same thing you enjoy?  See, now you get it.

My partner Siahsworld drove down to Chicago to shoot the video footage with and enjoy the event.  We enjoyed the trip down and driving around the city trying to go around detour due to NATO Conference.  Chicago is a beautiful city in which one day I may call home.  Fingers crossed!  The time spent in Chicago was great and I wouldn’t have missed Sneaker Con Chicago 2012 for anything in the world.  In the video you will see different vendors that were in the building sell, buying, and trading sneakers.  You even catch me chatting it up with some sneaker family.

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