YBN Cordae is reminded to stay humble every time he pulls out his wallet.

In a new video segment from GQ uploaded Tuesday (Aug. 27), the 2019 XXL Freshman described the 10 things he can't live without. One of those items is his black, Louis Vuitton wallet. Midway through the video, Cordae sifts through his wallet and pulls out a few of the international bills he's collected along with several vintage U.S. $5 and $10 dollar bills.

According to the young spitta who aspires to be the next G.O.A.T, the old bills come from his time working at T.G.I Friday's. Since his music career took off, The Lost Boy rapper keeps the old bills from his tip stash in his wallet. Cordae still continues to collect old $5 dollar bills to this day as a simple nudge about his roots. He asserts that the outdated cash serves as a reminder to always remain humble no matter how famous he gets.

"I would always collect the old bills like this old $5 bill," Cordae explains. "I keep this in my wallet to remind me to never go back and to always like be grateful for where I am in life because there are times when we can tend to lose sight of our blessings. So I keep these old 5's to remind myself of that and to keep pushing."

Watch YBN Cordae list the 10 things he can't live without below.

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