Yella Beezy says his most recent arrest on gun and drug charges is all a case of mistaken identification.

On Friday (Aug. 13), the Dallas rapper hopped on social media to give his side of the situation, revealing that police officers mistook a bottle of hand sanitizer for a bottle of codeine and promethazine hydrochloride cough syrup, commonly known as lean.

"I went to jail and got arrested for hand sanitizer, not no drugs, bruh," Beezy said in the video. "Let me tell you how desperate they are to make an arrest. The homie got a brand of hand sanitizer that look like drank. It say hand sanitizer on it. You know how girls got eye lashes in the pill jar? She got hand sanitizer in a drank bottle."

Beezy shows off the bottle, which looks like a replica of the container the prescription cough medicine comes in. "Promethazine with hand sanitizer" is listed on the bottle. "It say hand sanitizer on here," he continued. "Police wasn't trying to hear it. They thought I was trying to cover up everything."

Beezy says the woman who creates the product even brought some bottles to the jail in order to corroborate the rapper's story, but police did not listen to her. He is confident he will be vindicated once a test is run on the substance in the bottle.

"Wen they run test on the Hand Sanitizer the charges gone be dropped," he wrote in the caption of the post. "Lied again and said the dogs 'alerted' on my car - everybody know i don’t smoke! On straight bs.... i told the man smell it or put it on your hand and they wouldn’t , couldn’t do nothing about the guns Cuzz everything legit but when guns and 'drugs' together that’s a case . Even tho it’s hand sanitizer they still charged me until they find out lol ... all they had to do was smell it or put some on ‍♂️ took money, jewelry and phones for what???? Crazy!."

Yella Beezy was arrested on Aug. 11 on charges of possession of a controlled substance and unlawful possession of a weapon, after Dallas police pulled over and searched a SUV he was riding in. They discovered unspecified drugs and five firearms. Beezy claims the firearms are registered, but he was charged for them due to the combination of drugs and the firearms.

This is the rapper's second time being arrested this year. Yella, born Markies Conway, was taken into police custody back in February under similar circumstances. Police pulled over a vehicle he was riding in for allegedly running a stop sign. Police used the smell of marijuana as probable cause to search the car and discovered a firearm during a search of the vehicle but no weed.

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