Yo Gotti faces an enormous court-ordered judgment.

On Monday (June 24), the Winston-Salem Journal reported that a North Carolina judge decided to uphold the $6.6 million judgment against the Memphis rapper in the lawsuit filed by the manager of North Carolinian singer Young Fletcher.

Fletcher's manager, Michael Terry, says he paid Gotti $20,000 for a feature. However, Gotti reportedly never signed the required paperwork for their collaboration to be put on streaming services. Terry also claims that Gotti tried to sign Fletcher for $150,000 behind his back.

Terry went on to sue Gotti for $2.2 million, and because Gotti never responded to the suit, the amount was later tripled to $6.6 million after the judge found “willful, unfair and deceptive acts” conducted by Gotti. On Monday, Gotti appeared in court in an attempt to vacate the judgment on the basis that he was never properly served because the papers were given to his bodyguard (while in front of him), so he had no way of actually responding to the suit. The judge didn't accept his response, so the judgment stands and Gotti must pay up.

According to the report, Gotti and his legal team plan to file an appeal. This action will likely take months before the appellate court issues a decision. Either way, Terry and Fletcher are pleased with the outcome and still want to work with Gotti if he would like to change his mind.

"Yo Gotti learned today that my lawyers don't play, but we should've sat down and got this resolved as businessmen," Terry told Journal Now through his attorneys. "I got great artists, and we could put something together where we all win. The opportunity still stands."

XXL has reached out to Yo Gotti's reps for comment.

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