One of the first things that we learn as a little kid is how to tie our shoes.  It takes some children longer than others but eventually everyone gets it, usually when we decide that Velcro shoes are for nerds.  One of the main reasons we learn to tie our shoes so fast is because we end up having to do it over and over again.  No matter how hard we try, our shoes keep coming untied, (usually at the most inopportune moments).   Terry Moore knows why, and he put on a TED talk to explain to us all how to fix this problem once and for all.Terry Moore is a smart guy, and this talk might have a greater meaning than just "How to tie your shoes".  Just check out the comments to the video.

Another commenter points out that at the end Terry makes the point that

"A small advantage somewhere in life can yield tremendous results someplace else".

So even if this is info is unimportant or useless to you, at least look for the bigger message.  Life is a series of moments collected together, the fewer of those moments that are wasted, the more we have to enjoy.

(That didnt come from a brilliant TED speaker, just a dumb DJ)