Former Michigan State star, and current Steeler running back, Le'Veon Bell picked up a side job while he figures out his contract.

The NFL star tweeted in August that he was applying for a job at Dairy Queen while he worked out his contract negotiations.

He was obviously joking about the application, but DQ caught wind and took him up on the offer.

Bell did just that.

After settling his contract, and getting the preseason football out of the way, Bell reported for his first day of work.  He did his work day at a DQ located about 20 minutes outside of Pittsburgh.

Le'Veon spent the day learning how to make blizzards and perfect his cone curly cue.

So when it comes time to update his resume, Bell can add Dairy Queen along side rapper and NFL running back.

Just in case Sparty fans forgot how good Bell was when he wore Green & White, check out his career highlight video below.


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