Young Buck is not going to let JAY-Z deter him from promoting his new project, 10 Toes Down. The Tennessee rhymer released a video for the LP's track “Amber Alert” featuring Boosie Badazz.

The song is not about the country’s alert system that warns people about children who have been kidnapped. Instead, Buck and Boosie give a stern warning to the haters who step to them the wrong way. In the video, directed by Karltin Bankz and Cotton Films, the rap duo spit their tough bars often times through a haze of weed smoke.

"I heard some p---- n----s lookin' for me / Make me go get them n----s cookin' for me / This s--- is gangsta in this gumbo mix / Stir that gumbo with that f---in' stick," seethed Boosie.

Meanwhile, Buck is threatening his haters with gunplay, rapping, "I got some shells for you too, I have no problem sharin' 'em / I'm just not forgivin' or forgettin' and I'm not sparin' 'em."

Buck's 10 Toes Down is available for downloading at iTunes. Over the weekend, the former G-Unit member was mad at JAY-Z for dropping 4:44 on the same day as his album.

“Next time you see me dropping an album, get out my way dude,” he said. “I dropped too, n----. Get out my motherf---in way, Jay. Let a young n---- eat.”

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