The youngest female billionaire became the wealthy off fast food burgers.  No more shame in working for fast food companies because they can make you wealthy.  Well, sort of.

Lynsi Torres, age 30, is the youngest female billionaire on the planet and made her wealth off 'In-N-Out Burgers.'  No, Lynsi didn't start from the bottom but she's on top now.  Torres is a heiress to the company her grandfather started in California in the 1940s.  The fast food burger company boast of serving high quality burger products and are primarily located on the west coast.

Torres rarely grants interviews or seen in public.  Speculation is that 'In-N-Out' brought in $625 million in 2012 which brings Torres accumulated wealth to $1.1 billion.  The family owned company is private and says reported numbers are speculation.  According to ABCNews, Torres is an avid hot rod racer and recently bought a mansion in the San Gabriel Mountains.

Flint, if you could become wealthy off any idea, what would it be?