I believe every young man on the team is extremely upset about their youth football coach being fired for refusing to cancel end of the season party at Hooters.  He is going to go down as a martyr in their eyes.

Randy Burbach wanted to keep his word to the team about having the end of the season team party at Hooters.  Randy knew the move was questionable and could lead to his termination.  Well, he didn't care and proceeded as promised.

Athletic Director, Jean-Paul Soulagnet, for the Corbett School District sent out a letter to the parents of the football team and told them the scheduled Hooters party was not a sanctioned school event.  While parents were receiving the news, I can imagine the players of the team becoming disappointed. The Athletic Director had no choice but to fire the head football coach.

The boys on the team are probably crushed and the coach is in the unemployment line.  I truly think Hooters was inappropriate for that age group.  The coach should have gave in to his boss and showed the kids the best example possible.

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