Zac Efron made his red carpet appearance at the premiere of his new movie, 'The Lorax' when everyone got a peak into Zac's plans.

As the media were taking pictures, Zac asked his publicist to hold something.  He reached into his front pocket, and that's when the "accident happened.

I put accident in quotations because there is absolutely no way that this was an accident.  This was probably planned out days beforehand by publicists, trying to get a buzz around the movie.

Look at the facts . . . Zac is going to a kids movie premiere, where you would assume he would not need a condom.  Nobody keeps a condom in their front pocket, and finally we all know that Zac is a "rawdog" kind of guy anyway!

If it was a stunt, I just hope it was intended to promote condom use among young people and not just to get stupid blogs, like mine to talk about it.