Yesterday I learned 3 things during the snow storm of 2014 and this list will probably grow.  I came to work to broadcast live from 4pm until 7pm and got stuck here at work.  My car, Cadillac CTS, sits too low for me to make it through the snow even in the parking lot. I was stranded.  The roads were too bad for me to even drive on the main roads.  Fortunately for me I caught a ride home from a co-worker, Chris Monroe.

It has been a long time since I've been in a snow storm of this magnitude.  This horrible winter weather taught me a couple of things and I want to share them with you.

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    Everyone is a weather reporter on social media


    I've learned that everyone has magically become a meteorologiest on social media websites.  Not to be cynical, people are passing on information but at what point do stop sharing the same information over and over?  What makes things worse is when someone who lives in sunny California is reporting about the snow storm in Flint on social media. Really?


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    Teenagers are lazy

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    I remember as a teenager I would wish for weather like this just so I could make some money shelving snow.  I know a couple kids who are staying inside and playing video games.  I do not want to put down video games because from time to time, I may play them.  When I was in high school, I would make some money removing snow and then play video games.  What happened to our your generation?

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    Stay at home

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    I needed to learn this before I thought I could quickly run to work and run back home.  Well, I learned that my car is not for the winter months. I need to invest in a pickup truck with 4 wheel drive. Thank you mother winter for teaching me to stay at home.